Playing Field Insurance

We can help you build a flexible policy for your playing field association, with cover underwritten by Zurich.

Insurance for Playing Field Associations

Playing fields and playing field associations need appropriate insurance to protect the playing field, clubhouse or buildings and management committee from financial losses that may arise due to unexpected events such as damage to the grounds, equipment or buildings, accidents, theft, or liability claims.

Our expert team of insurance agents can arrange flexible and affordable cover for your playing field association, with cover underwritten by Zurich. We can arrange cover for building and contents cover (including equipment) and liability cover, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your playing field is fully protected.

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Why do Playing Field Associations Need Insurance?

Some common reasons why playing fields need insurance to protect the grounds/buildings, paid staff, volunteers and committee members include:

Property Damage

Playing fields and playing fields associations may own or lease buildings (e.g. a clubhouse) and equipment, which could be damaged or destroyed e.g. through fire, flooding or other unexpected events. 

Liability Claims

If a visitor or third-party suffers an injury or damage to their property while using the playing field or equipment, they could make a claim for compensation. Liability insurance can help cover legal costs and compensation for these claims.

Cover for Events and Activities

Playing field associations may host events and activities which involve gatherings of people or spectators (e.g. sports events). Playing fields insurance can help cover the risks associated with these events, such as accidents, injuries, or damage to property.

Flexible Cover

We can offer the following types of cover, with flexible options so you pay only for the cover you need:

Buildings and contents cover

Public liability

Employers liability

Financial and administration liability

Personal accident

Legal expenses

Trustees indemnity

Events cover

We can arrange insurance for all types of playing field association. If you are a small playing field or a larger facility with many activities and events, we can help tailor a policy to meet your unique requirements.

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